In School Classes

bullet 6-12 week course, once a week for 1-1 1/2 hours
bullet Tailored to individual school's needs: part of elective curriculum or after-school club format
bullet Addresses multilevel abilities, beginning and Intermediate/Advanced
bullet Teaches one theme per week
bullet Large demonstration board used for initial instruction in tactics and strategy
bullet Students then practice new information by playing in pairs, matched by similar ability


bullet Summer programs keep students connected with chess
bullet 2 levels: Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced
bullet 5 day to 2 week intensives, 2 hours a day (with break)
bullet Beginning level focuses on fundamental techniques and formulating plans
bullet Intermediate/Advanced level focuses on learning match play, including chess notation, clock usage, strategies and reviewing games

Simultaneous Exhibitions

bullet Multiple, simultaneous games between master and students
bullet Everyone "gunning" for the master
bullet Exciting format heightens interest in the game
bullet Provides initial insights into the talent and abilities of each student.

Private Instruction

bullet Individual instruction based upon students level and needs (Novice /Expert/All ages)
bullet Tournament preparation
bullet Game reviews