Comments From Students and Parents

"Chess has helped me in (model) sailboat racing.  I've got to plan out strategies in sailing just like I do in chess. Gjon has taught me to stay focused, make a plan, but be flexible when needed.  Gjon has helped me learn how to think ahead and really concentrate."

-Rogan Kriedt, 4th Grade

 Pacific School, Davenport




"Gjon has taught chess to our 14 year old son Anthony for about half a year.  Instead of just telling Anthony what the good moves are, Gjon has guided him through some intricate thinking processes.  ... a 1300 rating player for several months, Anthony went to the US Chess Open in August and beat several players of 1700-1900 ratings. ... he is delighted with the progress he has made.  ...Gjon is also a very good mentor and friend for Anthony helping him put things in perspective.  After interacting with Gjon, Anthony realized that while chess is fun and interesting, his school work should have higher priority.   Chess playing has become a complimentary instead of conflictive activity."


-Richard and Yiping Hsiao